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Wear Eye Protection,

Opaque watercolour, tea wash and embossing on paper 22.96 × 30.48 cm

Qayyum takes the traditional techniques of miniaturist painting she has mastered and adapts them to fit contemporary socio-political concepts whilst catering to the wider evolution of her art practice. In this series, she employs an embossing technique, creating minimalist pieces with subtle details that diverge from the palette and intricacies of her neo-miniaturist foundations.

Tazeen Qayyum

About the Artist

Tazeen Qayyum (b. 1973, Karachi) is a Pakistani-Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Oakville, known for her exploration of identity, belonging, and displacement. Trained in South Asian and Persian miniature traditions, Qayyum employs diverse mediums, including drawing, installation, sculpture, video, and performance, to delve into complex socio-political issues within the diaspora, reflecting on the interplay of identity and beliefs.

Qayyum holds a BFA in Visual Arts from the National College of Arts Lahore and has showcased her art in solo exhibitions at Oakville Galleries, and in group exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum. Additionally, her pieces are part of permanent public collections including the TD Canada Trust Permanent Collection and the National Art Gallery, Nepal.

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