ITERARTE is a itinerant art gallery dedicated to advancing how contemporary artists, traditional artisans, and collectors connect, both online and off.

We want to transform the ways in which people engage with and buy art. We want them to be able to explore art’s infinite possibilities, to interact and form connections with artists, facilitating creative partnerships and forging new commercial opportunities while upholding the highest standards.

ITERARTE’s name is inspired by the Latin word for journey (iter). A journey for both artist and collector. The aim is to guide the collector on their own journey of discovery, while showcasing the creative journey that each and every artist undertakes when making their work.


Our mission at ITERARTE is to transform how we, the audience at large, encounter both established and developing artists, how we connect and interact with them, and how we support them by investing in their art. 

Our focus is on artists with links to the lands that lie between the Mediterranean Sea and India, including the Middle East. This region has a rich and complex history of artistic connections that span centuries. It is also where civilisation started, world religions were born, empires were made and geopolitics were first defined.

We work alongside each artist to weave narratives, by building detailed detailed content that maps out and illuminates their particular artistic journey and cultural context. Using the latest technology, artists can speak directly to their audience, educating and engaging with them and, ultimately, selling artworks.

We also foster collaborations between the artists and traditional artisans and craftspeople, to produce limited edition works under the title of ITERARTE Variations. By merging tradition with innovation, we spark a vibrant dialogue that results in a unique fusion of artistic styles.

We are also committed to making art accessible to everyone,  to allowa wide community to engage with and support the art space.



Our aim is to edit the DNA of the art world, by creating a harmonious and immersive space that brings artists, artisans and collectors together via curated exhibitions, artist spotlights and collaborative projects.

We want to provide an engaging and educational space that captivates our audience. Through interactive features on our website, virtual exhibitions, and innovative digital experiences, we strive to connect people with art in new and exciting ways. 

Our goal is to also be a catalyst for cultural diplomacy, promoting exchange, knowledge sharing, and the appreciation of diverse art forms across borders. We aim to achieve this by facilitating artist residencies, and fostering cross-cultural understanding through meaningful collaboration.


Our core value is authenticity. We also prioritise diversity, inclusion, and cultural exchange on a global scale. 

We want to provide a platform where artists can freely express themselves, empowering them to present their work in its purest form. At the same time, we strive to create an immersive experience for our customers through carefully curated exhibitions, placing a strong emphasis on aesthetic value, and inviting them to a deeper, more rewarding engagement with art.