Mosaic floor. Ancient Messinia.

The Confessions Questionnaire

Your name/nickname.

No nickname, Paolo.

What is your favourite dish?

White rice, potatoes, comfort food.

Tea or coffee?


Favourite place you’ve travelled to and why?

In 1971, the island of Paros, nothing has ever matched the beauty.

Favourite movie?

‘The Third Man’ – titles, music, love story, friendship, mystery – everything one can want in a movie.

Favourite book or poem and why?

Anything by Giorgos Seferis.

Your Life Motto or favourite quote?

“Con la mia pistola e il mio cuore” (“With my gun and my heart”).

What or who inspires you the most in life?

My best friends.

Three unique things about where you live?

The Parthenon, my stray cats, the proximity to the sea.

How do you escape a creative block?

I never have creative block.

Do you have a favourite colour?

Shades of blue.

Favourite art tool?

Paint brush.

Is your studio messy or tidy?


What is the most challenging or exciting thing about being an artist?

I live in my biological time.

Craziest artistic experiment you've tried.

I’ve worked with some crazy people but I can’t tell you their names.

Describe your style in three words.

Patient, meticulous, light.

Most memorable artistic achievement.

Painting 86,000 pieces of mosaic, I must’ve made the same gesture 120,000 times to paint that mosaic bed for my piece. 

Dream collaboration (with someone dead or alive)

With my friends.