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Seven Beauties: Moon and Stars,

Hand printed linocut on printed Somerset artist paper 78.0 × 51.0 cm

Based on the famous Persian poetry book – Seven Beauties – this series of collages reflects on the narrative of the King who falls in love with seven different women whose images he sees. Taking a different element of the story each time and presenting each woman in her own colour – Afsoon visualises the elements of this story and prompts the audience to explore it beyond surface level. This piece pays tribute to the seven strong women the King of the tale falls in love with. Here Afsoon uses hand-printed linocut on Somerset paper, one of her original mediums, surrounding the seven women with symbols of freedom and the feminine, a key, a moon and stars.


About the Artist

Afsoon (b.1961, Tehran) is an Iranian artist with a life story spanning Iran, California, and London, where she has been based since 1988. Her art beautifully blends eastern and western influences through a combination of text, images, linocuts, and photography to produce acutely multicultural works. With a deeply personal yet universally applicable approach, Afsoon’s art engages audiences with its layers of interpretation, balancing humour, playfulness, and sophistication.

For the launch of ITERARTE, Afsoon was commissioned to create Send Me a Postcard, an evocative series which bring together vintage paper cut-outs and family photos from countries she has visited. She has shown extensively worldwide, with notable exhibitions at Shirin Gallery, New York and Asia House, London. Her work is held in renowned collections including the British Museum and LACMA.

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