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Hope (Field Of Poppies),

Handmade embroidery on canvas with embroidery floss 90.0 × 70.0 cm

Margellos’ signature cross-stitching is suspended in the negative space of her canvas, sparks of colour which echo sparks of hope. Across the world, cross-stitching has been a means of conveying stories, beliefs and cultural identities. In the eastern Mediterranean, this art form is interwoven with the region’s history, reflecting the influence of Byzantine, Ottoman and Arab cultures. Its importance lies not only in the creation of beautiful and durable textiles but also in its deep cultural significance.

Iliodora Margellos

About the Artist

Iliodora Margellos (b. 1985, Minneapolis) is a Greek-Swiss artist whose vibrant depictions of Greek topography and mythology reflect her mixed heritage. Exploring themes of feminine roleplay, nostalgia, and contemporary vitality, Margellos infuses her art with the rich colours of Greece’s islands, capturing the enduring connection between sea and land. Using steel wire screens and floating islets of coloured threads, she invites viewers to explore engaged negative spaces, delving into the boundless web of the unconscious.

Iliodora Margellos earned a BA from Yale University and has held solo exhibitions at Baert Gallery, Los Angeles and Dio Horia, Athens. Her work has been showcased in international art fairs such as Frieze London and Enter Fair, Copenhagen, as well as esteemed institutions worldwide, including the Museum of Greek Modern Culture in Athens and Louise Bourgeois’ Sunday Salons in New York.

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