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(No) Shame Masks: Causeless Defects,

Hand-painted cotton, tulle, ink, silk, and metallic threads 40.0 × 40.0 cm

The (No) Shame Masks continue The Sinistry’s explorations of the ‘quantum psyche’ as they reaffirm the notion that identity is made up of fragments that are constantly in flux. Drawing on medieval shame masks used as punishment, these works explore how masks can be used as tools of power and control. Historically, wearers of the masks were publicly humiliated to deter others from committing anti-social behaviours. Gilbert and Ers subvert this narrative to refer to modern-day examples of shame, where people often use online facades as their form of protection against societal stigma. The masks act as mirrors between the viewer and wearer, through which hidden truths simultaneously reveal and conceal who we are and who we are not.

The Sinistry

About the Artist

The Sinistry was founded in 2017 in London,  it is a visionary collaboration between artists Bert Gilbert and Izzet Ers, transcending traditional gender boundaries to engage in a creative and emotional dialogue. Gilbert’s energetic artwork decodes layers of subtext within conversations, while Ers responds with meticulous stitchwork and appliqué. Together they draw inspiration from Jungian psychoanalysis to explore the union of the male and female, a so called ‘syzygy’.

Their inaugural project, a series of genderless Liberation Suits, offer both the wearer and viewer visceral emancipation from conscious and unconscious realms. This collaboration exemplifies an amalgamation of mediums driven by a shared commitment to probing human connection and self-discovery. Working across mediums draws connections to Iterarte’s Variations project.

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